Checkout our frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) below :-

How long does it take to print my Recipe book?2020-10-05T17:24:58+01:00

Please allow 7-9 working days to receive you recipe book.

How long do I have to complete the covers/sides of my Recipe book?2021-10-07T23:18:47+01:00

Take as long as you need. If you like, you can start the order then save it and come back to it later.

How do I upload a photo?2021-10-07T23:21:24+01:00

Click on the “upload” button and add an image from the gallery or upload one from premium photos, your device, Facebook or Instagram

How do I review the cover/sides of my Recipe book?2021-10-07T23:23:20+01:00

Before proceeding to checkout, you can click on the black arrows and then click on the background to review the next page.

What size is the Recipe book?2020-10-05T17:23:16+01:00

The Recipe book size is A4

How can I add old (non-digital) photos?2020-10-05T17:22:26+01:00

You can use a scanner to scan old photographs. Then you can upload these photos as JPEGs and insert them as photos.

What does the photo warning for low resolution/DPI mean?2020-10-05T17:21:22+01:00

These warnings means that the photo resolution is too low for a space of that size. To avoid your photos looking pixelated in print, resize the photo to take up less space on the page or choose a higher resolution photo.

What can I do if my content is overflowing the page margins?2020-10-05T17:19:40+01:00

It is important that you keep photos and messages inside the margins of the boxes provided. This ensures that it looks good when printed.

How do I delete a photo?2020-10-05T17:19:16+01:00

Just select the photo and press the delete button.

Can I Edit My Book and Order More Books Later?2020-10-05T17:18:46+01:00

Yes you can edit the cover up until it is ordered. Once the order is place unfortunately the cover cannot be changed. You can order more books at any time.

Can I keep editing after I click Preview ?2020-10-05T17:18:15+01:00

Yes if you are not happy with some part of the customised pages you can go back and change it. The pages will be saved.

How much does my Recipe book cost?2020-10-05T11:48:48+01:00


Price Bundles

1 book@  25 plus  3.40  postage

2 books @ 40 plus 6.80 postage

3 books @ 60 plus 9.00 postage